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A Shell
It's funny how things are at times. We wine and complain about all the things we want and when we get them, we honestly don't know what to do with it. A man may tell his former lover false a truth in order to just feel that he truly hasn't lost anything. A woman may tell a friend a small lie just to put a smile on their face in hope that the friend would shut up about there own problems. We are selfish creatures that just can't seem to get another.
Wither it making others miserable, thinking of ourselves before others, or making someone else feel bad just so you can walk away with a clear conscious. We are all selfish.
Would things be easier if we were all just honest with one another? Maybe
Would it be easier if we all shared what we had? Perhaps
However in a world where a good person who wanted nothing but to be loved equally can be beaten, hated and be torn down to a shell of his former self while those who would do harms to others reap the benefits is not a world I no longer want t
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Empty Pages
Empty pages to a story
That may never have an end
I think of what to write amongst those few corner pages
And all I can think about is the past
When we use to sit upon the hill
Joke and laugh about for hours
And Cry and morn in our time of sorrow
The ideas we shared as our book grew
And how our ideas raged on till the sun rose up
And now that your gone
It seems like there no point
No use
When I look upon the old decaying cover now
All I feel is anger and hate
Sadden that your not here to finish it
It sicken me to even hold this book
To the point when I want to cast it down
To the deepest oceans...
But it all I have left of you
All we did, all we were
Is in this book... and I'll never let you go
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Trying to be Gangster lol by Xemnus Trying to be Gangster lol :iconxemnus:Xemnus 0 8
Simple Words
I lay on my bed and stare up at the ceiling
Not wanting to get up
The difficulty of ascending
As I picture the boredom of my day unfolding in my mind
The reflections of how others kindly think of me
Is sometimes the only that helps me get up
From the weight that pull me back down
Wither it be from those who wish me harm or from myself
Sometime a few kind words can help someone along there way
Wither it be a hello or a simple conversation
Simple words that move us and encourage us
To be greater then what we are now
It is because of the simple words that I raise
I understand that those simple words
Are from people who care
And from people who wish better from me
For I will not let the blacken words of crude and horrible people weigh me down
To hell with those who think wrong of me
For I am stronger then they will ever be
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Waiting For Your Return
I find myself staring in emptiness
Towards how things use to be
Where you were there day by day
And how we use to talk for hours of a time
Good times when we spoke of our future
And how much fun we had that each day brought to us
A true friend
To the end...and beyond...
I find myself now waiting
Waiting for a return that my never come again
Memories of how much of a good time we shared
And or the hardship we had endured
All this time I can not but wonder
Is my waiting in vain
Will I ever see my friend again
I do not know but I will do what I had started
And I will wait for your return
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I Smile
I smile towards those who haze me and taunt me
While you point and laugh in my face
I will smile
When you talk behind my back and say cruel things about me
I will smile
When you tell lies about how I am a liar and crude
I will smile
Those you wrong others will be wrong themselves towards the future
And while you can do such horrible things to yourself
Whoever you maybe...
In the end of the day, when all the lies you had said are done
I will smile
For I know that I go to bed with a clean heart
And you have your doubt about yourself
That keeps you up at night
I Smile....
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You Don't Know Me
You look at me but do you truly see me.
Am I just talking to myself or do you honestly not care?
I scream at you, I cry for you and you still refuse to listen.
You choose to look through me.
A good man, who would love for you and care for you.
Your eyes look be on me, and are fixed at another who would harm you.
And yet you would allow him to.
You would allow him to beat, cheat, and use you as a tool.
In truth you desire it
You need a kick in the ass, and in the face.
For in truth you do not deserve happiest if you choose looks over love
In the end he will leave you alone and in a pile of your blood and tears
Not caring a damn word you may had said to him
He will laugh at your pain, and tell you how much time he had wasted on you
And you will ask yourself why…
Why did this happen to me for I am a good person
The reality is you don’t know what a good person is.
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Destiny does it exist?
I sit gazing across the wall of the classroom
Thinking and out of focus
Wishing for harm to go on to me
Thinking of what I will do there
Before I use to be sitting in my room
With a jagged knife pressing on my wrist
Wondering if I should jerk back the blade and open a wound
That does not match the one in my heart.
Ending the torment of being alone and afraid of the world
But then as I look around, I see someone who make
that feeling of loneliest away.
To everyone else she’s no one but to me she is special.
Looking into her eyes I can see how she is.
She show that she’s kind and modus towards her friends
But hides things that she feels such as sadness and sorrow.
The way she smiles yet it is not one.
Could she be just like me?
When gazing upon her I feel so happy and my troubles go away
As if she and I are the only ones there.
As if I can do anything.
Her beauty overwhelms me to the point that I can not breath
And even cry from within.
And the reality kick in as I see another
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Holding you under the crescent moon
As we stand on the limestone balcony
I pass my hand through thy hair
And wonder if my touch
Is as cold as the dead
You gaze upon my eyes
And bestow a kind smile
You rest thy head upon my chest
Is if it was a warm pillow
I caress my palm across thy soft cheek
Slow and gentle
When I feel your body shiver
Was it because of my hand?
As I moved it carefully away
You took a gentle hold of it
And softly placed it back on your cheek
Through your hand, I felt your heart beat
It pulse ever so calmly
As if you feared nothing
Not even me.
Your heart beat louder
Through you hand calling out to me
I hold you closer and closer
I move my mouth toward your lips
And down on you bare neck
My mouth waters
I bit my lips to gain focus
As onyx blood slowly trickle down
The side of my lip
You then fall into my chest
Sobbing as you whisper to me
"Why, why can not I join with you?"
"Why can I not share you suffering"?
I look upon you
Not with angry eyes and whisper back
"It i
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As we all know M. Night Shyamalan was once a respected director when it come to films such as The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. However his resent films such as The Happening and his adaptation of The Last Airbender (a popular American cartoon on Nickelodeon) have brought nothing but disappointment to film viewers all over. The thought of a children cartoon in the hands of this director was something that should not had happen nor should had been approve.

The very fact that this man can produce such ill quality production in order to get a quick buck should be enough to show that he cares nothing for his fans nor fans of this American t.v series. This man should not be allowed to director or even be apart of another films creation. His (cut-cover) method of filming falls under other directors who failed to create a movie which had decent (if not great) source material to follow.

His own films have suffered lame plot twists that normally leave the film watching screaming for their money back. I mean who lets these films hit the screen anyhow? O.O

Join the good fight!…
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